The 3D Body Scanner captures highly impactful, well-established body measurements to assist individuals in discovering new insight about their well-being by utilizing computer vision, artificial intelligence, and behavioral health science to deliver an educational experience and guidance through individualized lifestyle- based action plans.

Our body scanner uncovers the root cause of your pain, by comparing your posture to the balanced and symmetrical posture found in anatomy books and olympic athletes. Our specially-designed corrective exercises help move people back to this ideal physical form, thus eliminating muscle imbalances and pain.

How it Works

Answer a series of questions-about your symptoms, lifestyle, and belief systems.

Scan yourself with the Spiral 360 scanner following the on-screen instructions.

Receive a personalized action plan (with video instructions) consisting of a just a few easy-to-follow exercises that require no special equipment.

Practice your routine daily, setting your body up for lifelong health and longevity.