Precise 3D Body Scanning

Capture precise body measurements and postural conditions from multiple access points using Spiral Health's AI-powered 3D body scanning technology, available on mobile, portable, and fixed devices.

Root-Cause Posture Analysis

Understand the root cause of your clients' pain with Spiral Health's AI system that analyzes their posture, providing detailed insights to help you develop personalized treatment plans.

Easy Client Management

Manage all your clients with ease using Spiral Health's simple dashboard. Review your clients' 3D body scan history, posture metrics, findings, and landmarks, and create custom exercise plans tailored to their needs.

Personalized Therapy Programs

Access Spiral Health's exercise library of over 400 low-impact therapeutic exercises to create and send custom therapy programs to your clients. They'll receive their program by email, making it easy for them to stay on track and reach their health goals.


Predictive Health Intelligence

Spiral Health's platform uses cutting-edge technology to provide predictive health insights, helping users prevent future posture-related issues.

Accessibility and Convenience

Spiral Health's digital healthcare solutions can be accessed anytime, anywhere through our web app and mobile app, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

Personalized Therapeutic Recommendations

Using our AI-driven algorithm, Spiral Health provides tailored action plans and exercise programs to each user, based on their unique posture assessment and health needs.


Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Centers

Use our platform to assess your patients' posture and develop personalized treatment plans for pain alleviation. Our AI-powered algorithm provides predictive health insights that could help you deliver better results and improve patient satisfaction.

Sports Medicine Clinics and Sports Teams

Our platform can be used to identify potential problems and implement corrective measures before they lead to more severe issues, improving athletic performance and minimizing downtime.

Fitness Centers and Personal Trainer

Use our platform to offer posture assessments and corrective exercise programs to your clients, adding value to your services and helping clients achieve better results in their fitness journeys.

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