3D Body Scanning

Capture accurate body measurements & posture with our iOS app. Use your smartphone's camera for a precise scan & assessment.

Root-Cause Posture Analysis

Understand the root cause of your pain with Spiral's Artificial Intelligence system that analyzes your posture using only your smartphone.

Personalized Therapy Program

Get a therapy plan tailored to you based on your unique posture assessment results. Spiral's AI system selects the best exercises from a database of over 400 corrective therapy exercises to help you improve your posture and musculoskeletal health.

Expert Live Coaching

Optimize your outcomes with live coaching from Spiral's expert practitioners. Join the Premium subscription plan and receive two 30-minute sessions with a Spiral practitioner every month to ensure you're performing exercises correctly and making progress towards your goals.


Reduce Pain

Alleviate chronic pain and discomfort associated with postural issues and improve overall well-being.

Improve Posture

Identify and address postural imbalances to improve the position of your joints and reduce your risk of future injuries.

Prevent Future Issues

Proactively maintain musculoskeletal health and prevent future posture-related issues with our regular check-ups and personalized exercise plans.

Personalized Approach

Enjoy a unique, tailored experience that is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and challenges.


Take Control of Your Well-being

Are you looking to improve your posture and maintain overall well-being? Our platform is perfect for health-conscious individuals seeking preventative health solutions. Our app provides tailored exercise plans and regular check-ups to help you stay fit, avoid chronic pain, and prevent posture-related issues.

Maintain Independence and Quality of Life

If you're part of the aging population, you don't have to let postural issues limit your quality of life. Our personalized posture assessment and therapeutic recommendations can help you maintain better posture, reduce pain, and stay independent. Enjoy a pain-free retirement with Spiral Health.

How it Works

Create Your Free Account

Sign up for a free Spiral Health account to get started on your posture journey. All you need to do is provide your basic information and create a username and password.

Take Your Posture Assessment

Take our posture assessment to understand the root cause of your pain and musculoskeletal issues. Our assessment includes a demographics survey, pain level survey, and Spiral 360 3D body scan to provide a personalized posture analysis.

Review Your Assessment Results

Our AI-driven platform will generate your functional health score and provide a detailed report of your posture assessment results. You'll receive a clear understanding of your postural issues, including the root cause and how to address them.

Subscribe and receive your custom therapeutic exercise program

Select from our Basic or Premium subscription plans to receive your custom therapeutic exercise program. Our plans include 16 levels of advancing exercise routines, each tailored to your unique needs and postural assessment results. You can progress through each level at your own pace, and once you complete all 16 levels, we offer a maintenance program to keep you in peak health condition.

Start your journey towards a healthier, pain-free life today.